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Stuffed Brinjal   

What Is Stuffed Brinjal Or Bharva Baingan “Bharva Baingan ” recipe is made from fresh Brinjal. Cut the brinjal horizontally as long and take a bowl, add all spices till the spices fill inner in the brinjal. Then fry them in oil and garnish them with chopped…


Fried Idly Recipe  

What Is Fried Idly The fried idly recipe is made from small pieces of idly, fry the onions, chillies and tomato puree altogether and add idly to it. Fry them all together and add salt and tomato ketchup for its salty-sweet and sour mixed taste….


Beetroot Paratha Recipe 

What Is Beetroot Paratha Beetroot paratha is prepare as same as our traditional stuffed paratha. The beetroot is fry with spices and the paneer gives it taste. This stuffing is fill with wheat flour dough. Roll it like paratha and cook on hot tawa. Baked…


Veg Biryani Recipe  

About Veg Biryani Biryani is one of the most popular dishes in South Asia. This is the single most-ordered dish on Indian online food ordering and delivery services. It is a Mughlai recipe and prepared in three steps. First step is making to half cooked rice, then second is…