Dal Baati Churma Recipe


What Is Dal Bati Churma?

Rajasthani Dal Bati Churma is a classic delight for the Rajasthanis and is among the most beloved cuisines. “Dal Baati Churma” can make with Dal and wheat flour. It comprised of Dal (any mix of dal or lentils), Baati (wheat flour breads or rolls), and Churma (a dessert cooked with the baati). 

About My Recipe

I haven’t really liked Dal Baati even when I was a youngster. I used to flee whenever it was produced or even during gatherings and holidays when people forced me to consume. The reason for this is that this meal is utterly packed with ghee. Yes, the proper method to consume baati is to marinate it in butter before serving it along with dal. I haven’t ever enjoyed ghee as a youngster, thus I never enjoyed this meal.

The dishes I’m providing today are Rajasthani Dal Bati Churma Recipe. Dal Bati Churma is a three-course feast. Apart from maybe the lack of salt in the batter, Bati (aka Baati or Batti) including both Dal Bati and Churma is cooked in a similar manner by cooking it in the oven or deeply heating it in Ghee or canola oil. This Rajasthani Churma recipe demonstrates how to make baked Bati in the oven as well as deep-fried Bati in ghee.

How To Make Recipe

Here’s how to make dal bati churma. Dal Bati is a Rajasthani specialty dish. Whenever there’s a chill in the environment, this is ideal. It’s a complicated fair, but the ultimate result is incredible. The hot, steaming dal served with crumbled ghee-drenched bati is utterly incredible. Now we should take a look at the process of cooking dal bati churma by ourselves and discover well how to offer dal bati churma as well to people.

Dal Bati Churma Thali

I’m sharing three meals from the ‘Dal Bati Churma’ platter today. However, the ‘Dal Bati Churma thali’ (platter) looks like this. Sharing all of this dal bati recipe in there would be excessive and a single post would not do this big lunch justice. But I’ll share all of these delicacies with you, one after the other.

So let’s get started with the Dal Bati Churma recipe, and I hope you like this original cuisine even more than I do!

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Step-by-Step Recipe of Dal Bati Churma

Dal baati has the potential to be a healthy dish consumed in moderation. It is a sweet delicacy made from ground fire-baked dough balls mixed with ghee, and powdered sugared.
Servings 6 People
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 35 minutes


  • 1 pressure cooker
  • 1 Pan
  • 1 Mixer Grinder
  • 1 Gas stove


Ingredients For The Bati

  • Cup Whole Wheat Flour / Gehun Ka Atta
  • ½ Cup Semolina/Suji
  • ½ tbsp Salt
  • ½ tbsp Baking powder
  • 4 tbsp Ghee
  • ½ tbsp Carom Seed or Ajwain

Ingredients For The Dal

  • ¼ Cup Moong dal / Split green gram
  • ¼ Cup Chana dal / Split Bengal gram
  • ¼ Cup Divided Arhar dal/pigeon peas
  • ¼ Cup Chilka Urad Dal / Peeled Black Gram
  • ¼ Cup Urad dal/ Split Black Lentils
  • 1 piece Asafoetida or Hing
  • ½ tbsp Turmeric powder/Haldi powder Powder
  • 2 tbsp Red Chili Powder / Lal Mirch powder Powder
  • 3 tbsp Ghee or Oil
  • 1 piece Onion / Pyaaz Finely Chopped
  • 2 piece Tomatoes / Tamatar Finely Chopped
  • 2 tbsp Crushed Ginger-Garlic / Adrak Lehsun
  • 2 piece Red chili Whole
  • ½ tbsp Salt According to Taste
  • 4 piece Cloves / Laung
  • 1 piece Bay leaf / Tej Patta
  • 2 piece Green Cardamoms / Hari Elaichi
  • 2 piece Black Cardamom / Moti Elaichi
  • 1 piece Cinnamon Stick / Dalchini
  • 1 tbsp Cumin Seeds/ Jeera
  • 2 piece Green chilly Chopped
  • 2 tbsp Coriander/ Dhania Powder
  • ½ tbsp Garam Masala Powder
  • 1 tbsp Lemon Juice

Ingredients For The Churma

  • ¼ Cup Sugar Powdered
  • ¼ Cup Oil/Ghee Clarified Butter
  • 4 tbsp Sliced Almonds/Badam Finely Chopped
  • 2 tbsp Cardamom/ Hari Elaichi Powder
  • 2 tbsp Pistachios / Pista Finely Chopped
  • 2 tbsp Cashew Nuts / Kaju Finely Chopped


1. Churma:

  • In a large mixing bowl, mix the whole wheat flour, semolina, and melted ghee. Knead in about 1/4 cup of water to produce a stiff dough. Make 10 equal tiny balls out of the dough. The form we’re making is known as a muthias. Hold a dough ball in your hand and form it into the shape of your fist, then press your fingertips in the middle of each piece as indicated in the image above.
  • Heat the oil over low heat and fry the muthias till they are golden brown on all sides. This will take quite a long time to fry muthias. Allow draining on filter papers and cool. In a blender, crush the fried dough forms into a fine powder.
  • To make a fine mixture, strain it through a sieve. Re-grind the solid bits and feed them through the filter. You may also need to repeat this step a few times to achieve the desired texture. Set aside the melted butter, walnuts, cashews, cardamom powder, and powdered sugar. Chruma is prepared.

2. For Dal:

  • Wash all of the dals and place them in a pressure cooker. Mix in the salt, 5 cups of water, and turmeric powder. Cook for 4-5 whistles in a pressure cooker. When removing the top, let the moisture escape.
  • In a pan, heat the oil/ghee. Combine the cloves, dried red chilli, green cardamom, bay leaf, black cardamom, cinnamon stick, cumin seeds, and asafoetida in a small mixing bowl. Cook for a few moments.
  • When the seeds start to crackle, add the onion and chillies. Cook for 3 minutes. Combine the vegetables with ginger garlic paste in a mixing bowl. Cook for 2-3 minutes. Mix in the coriander powder, turmeric powder, chilli powder, and garam masala, as well as 3 tablespoons of water. If necessary, season with additional salt.
  • Cook for 3-4 minutes on moderate flame. Stir seldom. Mix in the tempering with the prepared dal. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes on medium heat. Turn off the heat. Mix in the lemon juice thoroughly. Set aside. Dal is prepared.

3. Bati Recipe

  • Preheat the Bati oven to 175°C/350°F. In a large mixing bowl, combine the wheat flour, ghee, semolina, salt, and baking powder.
  • Mix well and then add the yoghurt to the oven of bati. Mix thoroughly to form a semi-stiff dough. If necessary, add another 2-3 tablespoons of warm water.
  • Cut the mixture into 10-12 equal pieces and roll each one into a ball. Flatten the ball and use your thumb to form a small indent in the centre of the dough balls. Set aside. Arrange the batis on a baking sheet.
  • Bake for 30-40 minutes, or until golden brown on top. Using a kitchen towel, gently press hot bati using your palm. Don’t press too hard; we just need them to fracture slightly.
  • Soak crushed batis for a few moments in ghee, then drain on filter papers. Set aside. Batis are prepared.


Here are the ingredients and items used in making the best Dal Bati and Churma recipe.
Author: Reena Burman
Calories: 1311kcal
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: Dal Bati Churma Recipe | Churma Dal Bati Recipe

Some important tips for Dal Bati Churma recipes.

  • Adding ghee to bati is very important, else bati may end up hard.
  • You can store bati and churma for 3 to 4 days in the fridge.
  • Dal needs to be made fresh every time.
  • Dal bati churma tastes great when prepared with fresh homemade ghee.

Dal Bati Churma Serving Instructions

Rajasthanis are known for presenting tasty and savoury foods in pairings that capture the soul and thrill the taste senses. Another common combo is a meal of sweet Churma, spicy Dal, and Baati. Fresh baatis dunked in hot dal make an excellent addition to churma. This ‘Dal Baati Churma’ combo is a delicious method to brighten up oneself on a chilly morning!

Dal (lentil) – is a spicy-hot lentil side item seasoned with some tasty tadka.



It is fried or cooked with wheat and semolina flour dumplings. Batis come in a variety of flavours, including plain, spice (stuffed), missi, Bafla Bati, dried fruit bati, and many others. The traditional bati is made with wheat flour and semolina. Bati can also be prepared with millet, barley flour, or a wheat flour/corn flour mixture.



There are many different types of churma based on the components used. Churma is a traditional treat consisting of whole wheat as well as semolina. And there are other churma flavours. Bajre (pearl millet) Churma, Besan (gram-flour) Churma, Rose Churma, and a few other options.


The one and only thing that makes this delicacy more delectable is the use of ghee (clarified butter). The more and more butter you use in these three meals, the more delicious they will be. I’m talking about a lot of butter.

The Rajasthani delicacy ‘Dal Bati Churma’ is well-known. There has been no celebrations, marriages, or gatherings that are genuine unless the ‘Dal Baati Churma’ is served. It is hard to know the history of ‘Dal Baati Churma,’ however many feel that its past is rooted in Mewar culture. Rajasthan’s desert soil and scarcity of water were reasons for selecting ‘Dal Baati Churma’ as a desirable cuisine.


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