Gond Ke Laddu A Delicious And Energetic Small Binding Of Sweet Dessert


“Gond Ke Laddu” is made from fried and crushed Gond and roasted wheat flour. The other ingredients Sugar powder gives it a perfect sweetness and pure ghee is necessary for round binding and also gives an ultimate taste.

The laddu mithai is so popular and liked by every person. It is a famous dry dessert all over India. So think that Gond ke laddu is very special and very special for people. Gond ke laddu is made from Gond, an edible gum. This laddu is a very energetic and healthy sweet dish which gives strength and too much energy. It is mostly eaten in the Winter days because this laddu gives out body warmness in the “Winter Season“. This type laddu is very easy to make and prepared in very less of time. Let’s know about its making process.

Ingredients for Gond Ke Laddu

  • Gond – 200 gram
  • Wheat Flour – 600 gram
  • Bhura – 500 gram.( Chenni Ka bhura) it is according to your sweetness.
  • Dry –  crushed   preferably .kaju  and  almond basically.
  • Green cardamom – 3 to 4 pieces
  • Ghee

How To Make Gond Ke Laddu

To make this Gond laddu firstly take a non-stick pan and put it into a gas burner. Switch on the gas and heat this pan at a low flame. Pour little ghee in it and heat it well. Then pour Gond (edible gum) in small batches and sauté them. Now deep fry the Gond and remove it from heat. Place it in a bowl and crushed it with any flatty base like katori base, because it has to be coarse.

Roasting Wheat Flour

After this again take a non-stick pan and switch on the gas. Again pour little ghee and heat it on a low flame. After heating ghee pour 600 gram wheat flour into the pan and stir continuously with a spoon. Then roast the flour in slow flame till it turns slightly brown and gives aromatic smells. Now remove this pan from the heat and wheat flour is almost roasted well.

Mixture Ingredients 

Place it in a kadahi and pour fried and crushed Gond in it. Now add sugar powder to it according to your sweet taste. Then crushed dry fruits smoothly and add in it. Add crushed green cardamom also in it for aroma. After adding all ingredients mix them well and make sure that it should be slightly hot. If it will be cold then the mixture binding will not happen. So this is very necessary that the all mixture should be hot.

Making Gond Ke Laddu

Now take a non-stick pan and heat it again. Pour ghee in it and heat it well on low flame. When ghee becomes hot, pour it into the mixture and mixed them well once again. Now the mixture is totally ready for binding and making laddu. Now take a little mixture in your palm and try to form laddu with your soft hands. Arrange them in a container and take the fun to tasteful Gond ke laddu.

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