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About Pizza

Pizza recipe is Italian food and a popular dish all over the world that has a crispy, crunchy, chewy and flavourful taste. The pizza recipe is made from a pizza-baked recipe consisting of the topping of your favourite veggies, chatpati pizza sauce and a great amount of cheese makes it so yummy and delicious.

It is junk food. We cannot use this recipe as our healthy food, but hot, and cheesy. The wheat Flour Pizza recipe is also a favourite and flavourful recipe for everyone. Not only in India, but this recipe is also very popular in a foreign country. It is loaded with your favourite veggies and is very great fun and lots of cheese is one of the most delicious yummy outlooks and also tasty. This “Pizza Recipe” is the best option for dinner to make at home easily. For completely customizable to your taste like a restaurant-quality pizza with crusty and crunchy textures then follow some instructions and let’s know about the homemade pizza’s preparation method.


Ingredients For Homemade Pizza :-

  • Pizza base (readymade)
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Capsicum
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Red chilli
  • Tomato ketchup
  • Black pepper powder
  • Salt
  • Oregano
  • Sweet corn.
  • Refine Oil
  • Jalapeno
  • Pizza mix

Tips And Tricks :-

 In First Step :-

To making an instant Pizza Recipe distributed it’s procedure in four steps. We will prepare pizza sauce. Firstly take a vessel and pour water into it. Heat them on medium flame and boil them. Then pour two whole tomatoes in it. Simmer them until tomatoes get boiled. Then remove from the heat carefully and wait, let it will be cool. Then peel out of tomato skin from tomatoes and blend it In a mixer grinder. The tomato puree is ready. Now we will make pizza sauce from it.

 Second Step

Take a kadhai and heat it well. Then pour two tablespoons of refined oil in it. Heat them on low or medium flame. Cut small pieces of garlic and ginger and pour them in kadahi. Sauté continue till the garlic and ginger pieces get brown. Then pour prepared tomato puree in it and sauté well continue. Now add salt to it according to taste. Then add tomato ketchup to it and stir well. Now sprinkle black pepper powder, oregano and chilli flakes into it. Then add pizza mix to it.

Mix them all good stir continue for mixing and remove from the heat. After mixing 5 to10 minutes wait, let it will be cool. Now mix it well in a mixer grinder to form a thick paste. Place this tricky paste-like sauce in a bowl from the grinder. That’s the pizza sauce is ready. Put it on one side of the table.

Third Step

All vegetables like capsicum, onions and jalapenos are cut into square-shaped small slices. Now take a container and take pizza base on it. Then apply the above-prepared pizza sauce upon it. Arrange your favourite veggies, sweet corn on it due to some distance. Then scattered lots of finely crushed mozzarella cheese on it.

Fourth Step

Let’s preheating. Then put the container in the microwave and set its cooking time. This recipe takes about 10 to15 minutes for the bake well itself. After 10 to15 minutes, remove the container from the microwave and then you will find out a crunchy pizza that is soft from upper and crispy and hard from the bottom. Now sizzling it with pizza mix, oregano and chilli flakes. Cut it into slices with a pizza cutter and enjoy your yummy, cheesy pizza most. Let’s try this recipe.

  • Here sharing some instructions to make a homemade pizza  .
  • In case of absence of readymade pizza base, You can make a dough of pizza base at home to prepare  pizza .

Firstly take a bowl and pour little yeast in it. Add little lukewarm water to it and wait for some time. After a few moments left it for fermentation. Now take 6 tbsp maida in a pot. Add salt according to taste and add 1 teaspoon sugar to it. Then add and mix it well. Now add yeast solution in it and knead the maida as a dough. A little amount of oil applies to the dough and is placed for two hours on the table. The dough is covered from a cloth which helps to dough swellings and the amount of dough is also increased. If absence of yeast you can add sour curd to this place. You knead maida with the help of curd and lukewarm water.

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