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In the rainy season, some tempting food attracts very much to us. Some types of food increases the beauty of nature of rainy season and we all enjoy them with rainy water drops. we refresh our mood and mind in these rainy days. During this season the weather remains in moderate condition, there is not too hot and not too cold. The blue heaven is almost surrounded with blackish burst clouds. The condition seems like too much roaring and thundering continue. At that time the two things that people wants to do by heart.

The first things is feelings of love and romance is upgrades and the second thing is people wants eat to some mouth watering foods in this time. Their intensity of hunger is as same like as earth fallen droplets. They want some lip – smacking foods which will increases the fun of this season automatically double. Now we know about some rainy season. Food which is so interesting and delicious and peace our hunger on these days.

1. Pakora and Bhajiya

Pakora and Bhajiya is the best food for rainy days. Between the fast fallen rain droplets the hot crisp pakoras and masala tea is the mind blowing combinations. We can make it from our choice. It completely depend on our favourite vegetables. We can make pakoras on different varieties depend on types of vegetables that are potato pakora, onion pakoda, cauliflower pakoda and paneer pakora. These pakoras are totally homemade and serve it with mint sauce, coriander chutney and imlie chutney. It also served to very easily with tomato sauce, chilli sauce etc. one plate hotty crisp delicious pakoras with chutney put on table near the window and one cup ginger elaichi flavour mixed tea in hand is just awesome and have a great fun to all. Let’s enjoy.

2. Samosa

Samosa are most favourite lips- smacking snacks for rainy season. In rainy days crispy and mouth watering samosas are the best option to enjoy this cloudy weather. It can be homemade also depends on your choice. You can taste numerous varieties of samosas, just as potato filling samosa, pasta samosa, chilly paneer samosa, nutria samosa, keema samosa and others. You can serve these samosa with meethi chutney and teekhi ghughni (gram veggies). Let’s cool and enjoy with taste samosas.

3. Bhutta (corn)

Bhutta is an old spicy food has a great demand on today. Everyone like this traditional recipe bhutta too much. Often we see bhutta wale bhaiya to sell corn stick (bhutta) on cart .They cooked these bhuttas on coal gas to give it burnt flavour. Then topped it with some tangy masala like black pepper, red chilli powder and salt. We also garnished this bhutta from loads of lemon juice that’s makes its taste so amazing. In rainy and cloudy days, sit on chair at be open places like balcony and enjoy this Bhutta too much healthy and tasty. Keep relax you mind and celebrate your love with heart touching traditional bhutta.

4. Aaloo Paratha

Aloo paratha is a hottest food for  rainy season who gives warmness of happiness instead of intensity of rain droplets. Its flavourful taste is too mind blowing. Hot Aaloo filling paratha is truly very yummy and always served with cold curd and any types of pickles. Hot paratha and cold curd, this combination is really very delicious and touch every heart. In fact, Aaloo paratha is favourite food for all and let’s taste this recipe with humidity of droplets.

5. Vada Pav

Vada pav is an Indian street food famous in Mumbai. But this typical Mumbai style recipe is the best food for rainy season. The taste of Vada Pav can never forgotten. It’s spicy crispy vada is too delicious stuffed in soft pav. It can serve with mint, coriander chutney and fried green chillies. On street side, eat tasteful vada pav and enjoy to getting wet in the rain.

6. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is typical Mumbai Street food like almost in rainy season. The soft crisp pav and hot flavourful , spicy bhaji combines with each other and gives complete satisfaction. It serves soft pav and hot yummy bhaji with onion slices makes its taste crunchy. This recipe is best food for the monsoon. On street, just it smell attracts to far and people pulling down to it’s magic of taste. It’s mouth watering taste gives complete satisfaction of our feelings. Let’s enjoy and fun with rain.

7. Chatpate Chaat

Chatpate chaat is too yummy, too delicious and too flavourful recipe that likes ever as famous street food. It is also homemade recipe if try to making as your choice. Hot chatpate chaat, Aaloo chaat, Pani puris, spicy bhel Puri, btata Puri are the different types of delicious chaat items. If you come to chaat corner or street side in rainy season, then you experience something new and special. The aroma of chaat will be crazy your tongue and you love this food item so well. Let’s enjoy this hot chatpate chaat with your special friend in this awesome cold rainy season.

8. Idli Sambhar

Idli sambhar is the typical south Indian dish which like about all over region in India. It is a healthy food who served as breakfast and dinner both. It is a complete meal and also a perfect food for rainy season. In idli sambhar the well steamed idli are very soft and spongy and very healthy for us. These soft idli are served with spicy and full of flavour consists sambhar recipe and tasty yum chutney. The combination of curd and gram pulses gives light sour taste of chutney which is very popular with idli and dosa recipe . Hot “Spicy Sambhar” is also prepared with cooked pulses and different vegetables. Enjoy this rainy season to eaten idli sambhar.

9. Soup

Soups are very healthy and energetic drink. It helps to prevent from diseases. In the rainy season roads, farms, etc. are filled with mud and lots of water. Sewerages and ducts are also disturb from waste materials. So, it means, the causes of different type of flues, dengue, and other diseases are spread in the rainy season. Soup is one of the best option that protects from these types of diseases and boost our immunity. Soup is prepared from stove pot boiled vegetables which is totally depends on your favourite vegetables. It served with Hakka noodles and increases the fun of the rain. Let’s on this rainy season be cool and chill.

10. Momos

Momos are an Indian street food, which likes more to people in rainy season. It just forecasting by the crowd of peoples near the momo‘s, selling cart or momos stall, it is an instant hot recipe prepare in boiler . Momos are round shaped items stuffed with cabbage or other spicy materials. It served with chutney .

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