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All About Indian Food, especially housewives and their culinary skills

What is this all about?

Currently, we are in the process of widening up the Indian food platform, and this presents a glorious opportunity for Indians, especially Housewives, to showcase their talent and spread culinary love throughout the world. We look forward to receiving your foodie stories or whatever else you feel has some connection to Indian food.

What do I write about, and how can I make it engaging?

A food blog is composed mainly of foodie stories and local recipes.

The best thing to do is check out a few blogs to see if there is anything you can contribute or add to the existing stories that are about Indian food. We encourage people to submit stories about local foods and recipes of a particular region that do not appear on the blog, but this is optional.

For Indian housewives, there is no better way to tell a story than to talk about their experience with a recipe, trying new foods, or whatever else they experienced during a trip or a routine home cooking session.

Advertising and self-promotion are not allowed. We ONLY want authentic articles that haven’t been posted anywhere else. Kindly discuss the concept with us before you start working on the post.

We will be happy to discuss any other innovative suggestions with you, and the email address is

Changes to the Guest Post

We reserve the right to edit the stories to match the style and tone of IndianFoods. We also reserve the right to not publish the story if we need to for some reason, although we do not see a reason for this to happen too often.

All-purpose email –

Are links allowed in posts?

Not at all. Posts cannot contain links to other websites, YouTube, etc.

If you wish to include links related to marketing or business in your posts, please email us separately.

However, your introduction can contain one relevant personal link (FB profile, etc.). Please include your picture and a short introduction (about 100-150 words) so the audience knows who the author is.

Can you suggest how to compose the post?

An article’s most suitable word count is between 2000-2300 words and should contain at least 1500 words. Word count includes the author’s introduction.

In addition to the story, you should put at least 4-5 relevant pictures. You must make sure all photos are copyright-free. Any violation of copyright would be your accountability. By submitting your pictures, you are permitting us to use them in your posts.

Alternatively, you can submit a visual narrative with 12 photographs at least. For example, during a typical school day, an Indian housewife might be up early to prepare a quick and healthy breakfast for the kids. 12-15 pictures of the early morning cooking experience ending up with a “Love You” and “Bye, Take Care” picture of the kid leaving for school with the prepared tiffin box can result in a visually enthralling article. The visual narrative would still require at least 200 words of description.

Before submitting an article, kindly ensure that it has been spellchecked and grammatically correct. An article that describes your personal experience is more likely to be appealing. In general, we discourage articles based heavily on information already published elsewhere.

Submissions must be authentic and not published anywhere else, including private blogs. In scenarios where you have already written a blog or FB Post and now want to share that blog or food recipe with us, then you first need to take down the story from FB, etc., and once we have published it then, you can re-publish the same after a month or two on your platform. We will be granted publication permission, but you remain the legal author of the article.

Do I get paid for my article?

Not as if now.

The purpose of this invitation is for Indian housewives, including others, to expand their portfolio of experience as home chefs, food bloggers, etc., and connect to a far more comprehensive network of travellers and food enthusiasts.

Making revisions to the articles

“Indinfoods” retains the power to revise the articles to match the format and theme of the Indinfoods. Also, we reserve the right to decline to post an article, but we do not expect this to occur often.

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