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Gujiya Recipe  

What Is Gujiya Gujiya or Pedakiya is a dry sweet dish made from maida and stuffed inside khoa, fried semolina and dry fruits. Adding sugar powder to it make its stuffing taste sweet and cardamon powder increases its flavour. It is figured by gujiya maker and deep fry in ghee makes its…


Masala Peanuts Super Easy To Make 

What Is Masala Peanuts  Masala peanuts or masala kadalai is a quickly prepared snack made from raw and dry peanuts. Add a little amount of besan and rice flour in it then add all spices in it respectively. Mix them well, add little water and make a…


Methi Theple The Spicy Flatbreads Totally Tawa Recipe 

What Is Methi Theple “Methi Theple” is typically Gujarati cuisine as similar as methi paratha. Combinations of wheat flour and spices like turmeric powder, garlic-ginger paste, coriander powder and chillies, gives it a slight spicy touch. Mixing of grind Methi gives a bitter taste that makes a completely flavourful recipe….

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Wheat Flour Pizza Recipe 

This wheat flour pizza recipe is a homemade recipe that expresses with Chinese out touch. The wheat flour combined with fermented yeast, oil, little sugar and a pinch of salt formed the soft dough of the pizza base. Rolling them and baking respectively, arranging toppings…