Hariyaali Chicken


“Hariyaali Chicken” recipe is an Indian dish which makes from marinating process of chicken. The chicken is marinated with curd and typically herbs that are mint leaves and coriander leaves. A thick green paste is prepared from both types of leaves and marinated with the chicken for some hours. The spices and the taste of pudina and dhaniya make this recipe too delicious. It can serve with White Rice, Jeera Rice and Rotis also.

Hariyaali chicken is a Punjabi Dish” and also called “Green Chicken”. It is a different recipe made from a green paste of mint and coriander. This non-veg recipe is very delicious to eat. It is a homemade recipe and can serve with rice and bread. This mouth-watering recipe is easy to prepare and is liked by most people. Let’s learn about this recipe Hariyaali Chicken making process and required.

Ingredients for Hariyaali Chicken

  • Boneless chicken – 350 gram
  • Green chillies – three to four
  • Leaves of mint – 20 to 25
  • Coriander leaves – 50 gram
  • Cloves of garlic – 8 to 10
  • Onion – one medium size ( chopped)
  • Black pepper – ¼ tablespoon
  • Salt – according to taste
  • Mustard oil – 4 to 5 tablespoon
  • Curd – one and half  

Tips and Tricks :-

To make Hariyaali Chicken recipe firstly take a bowl. Pour 20 to 25 mint leaves and 50-gram coriander leaves and wash them well. Now finely chopped them and pour them in a blender. Pour three to four green chillies and eight to ten cloves of garlic also in this blender. Now grind it in a mixer grinder but carefully, don’t blend it in a smooth paste. After this the green paste is ready. This green paste consists of light thick in texture. Now turn out this paste in a bowl and put it aside on the table.

Then take another bowl. Pour 350-gram boneless chicken in it and wash it properly. Then remove excess water in it and put it on the table. Now add one and a half cups curd in chicken and marinate them. The green paste also pours ln chicken and mix well for marinating process. Also, add black pepper to it. Add salt to it according to its taste. Mix them with a spoon and leave them in the fridge for around one hour till they marinate well.

Now take a non-stick pan and put it on gas and switch on the gas. Heat this pan and pour four to five tablespoons of mustard oil in it. Heat it well in low flame. Then add one medium-sized chopped onion to it and stir fry for a few minutes till it is translucent. After appearing translucent add marinated chicken into the pan. Stir them well and fry them on low flame.

Then add all the remaining green paste into the pan and fry till the raw aroma goes out. Cook the chicken till it is dry and the chicken became soft enough to break. Stir them to continue and cook the chicken very well. Then add little water in a pan for making its gravy and cooked all for three to four minutes properly on low flame. Now switch off the gas and turn it in a big bowl.

Then garnishing this recipe with coriander leaves, round cut onions and small pieces of lemons. Now, this recipe Hariyaali Chicken is ready to eat and enjoy this delicious, healthy and tasty Hariyaali Chicken recipe as well. This recipe can served with simple rice, pulao, jeera rice and rotis also. You can also mix rice in it and cook both at low flame. Then make another delicious recipe called “One Pot Rice Hariyaali Chicken”.

Let’s enjoy and try this “Hariyaali Chicken” recipe which is spring of your mouth watering taste…

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