Mishti Doi – Bengali Sweet Yoghurt


Everyone loves and like to eat doi. Mishti doi recipe is a type of fermented dahi and is also known as sweet dahi. Mishti means “Meethi” and doi means “Dahi”. This Sweet yoghurt is a traditional Bengali dessert and entertains guests over an Indian meal. Its sweetness is so delicate and delicious. Now I give some instructions to prepare this mishty doi recipe.


  • Full cream milk – 1 ltr.
  • Dahi – 2 ½ tbs (lightly beaten till smooth)
  • Sugar – 12 tbs.

Tips and tricks:

To make this tasty recipe mishti doi, a very quick and easy process occur. In starting, we take a heavy bottom pan and heat it well. Now pour the 1-litre milk in it and continuously warm it on medium heat. After heating milk adds ½ of the sugar to it and stirs it well.

We continue to stir it while the remaining sugar will be dissolved in milk. Now observe it, the milk comes to a boil. Then allow the milk to continue boiling on low medium flame until the milk reduces half. After this, switch off the gas and put it on one side of the table. Next, on another pan, pour the reserved 6 tbsp. sugar with 2 tbsp. of water and heat it.

Keep this pan on low – medium heat and allow the sugar to warm and melt. Then you will notice that the sugar gradually changes in brown colour. It starts to caramelize. The sugar melts and we get a light golden bubbly mixture that don’t burn.

Then switch off the gas. Now this caramelized sugar pours into the reduced thickly creamy milk. Stir it well until combined properly. After some time the milk cool slightly, adds the lightly beaten till smooth whisked yoghurt and stir well. At last, pour the mixture into an earthen pot.

Then this pot is put in a warm place. After a few hours, it set smoothly, stored in the refrigerator and served chilled. The mishti doi recipe is prepared to serve and enjoy.

Refresh your mood and taste this delicious dahi…

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